Game Makers Guild – We Make Games

Past Projects

Unity Group

Our group is currently a meeting/discussion group for people trying to learn and make games using unity. We come from different backgrounds and help each other out. Please come if you are interested.

Max’s Amazing Group

Our group is working on a game built using RPG Maker. Our game takes on a sci-fi setting where the protagonist has to battle enemy machines using his own computer. We’ve revamped the battle system so that you have to damage machine enemies by allocating computer programs in a grid that automatically seek out enemies and do damage upon contact.

Think Green

Think Green is a puzzle game created for Ludum Dare (a 48-hour game development competition) by one of our members. The theme of the competition was “small world.” The premise of the game is that you must clean up hazardous waste on a tiny planet by moving around recyclable waste. The game is written in Python using Pygame and is open source. You can find more information at the game’s GitHub repository.

Space Oddity

(Description to be added.)